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Suzy's Zoo Vintage "The Copper Pig Antique Shoppe"

[Image SZ Xmas Image Ollie Older]

Die-Cut & Glitter cards: 5"x7.25" @$2.85 & $2.95 ea.

Classic cards: 4.5"x7.25" @$2.25 ea.

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Christmas Single Greeting Cards

[Image SZ Xmas Glitter Card #60380]

Penelope's Ornaments Christmas Glitter

"Decorate your holidays -"

"- with JOY!"

#CC60380 - $2.95 ea.; sold out!

[Image SZ Xmas Glitter Card #60379]

Snowman Couple Christmas Glitter

"A Christmas Hello -"

"- with the season's merriest greetings!"

#CC60379 - $2.95 ea.

[Image SZ Xmas Cat Classic Card #60378]

Cat & Red Door Christmas Classic

"Thinking of you..."

"... and wishing you a Meow-y Christmas!"

#CC60378 - $2.25 ea.

[Image SZ Xmas Bears Classic Card #60377]

Bears and Candles Christmas Classic

"Thinking of you with warm wishes -"

"- for a very happy holiday!"

#CC60377 - $2.25 ea.

[Image SZ Xmas Suzy Die-Cut Card #60376]

Suzy, Jack, Corky Christmas Die-Cut

"Merry Christmas!"

"Thinking of you this Christmas with lots of love!"

#CC60376 - $2.95 ea.; sold out!

[Image SZ Xmas Die-Cut Puppy Card #60375]

Pup in Present Christmas Die-Cut

"Merry Christmas! OPEN ME FIRST!"

"May this Christmas bring you much joy!"

#CC60375 - $2.95 ea.

[Image SZ Christmas Classic Sgl. Card #60300]

Ollie jumping for Joy! Christmas Classic

"Wishing you much JOY!"

"... this Christmas and throughout the new year!"

#CC60300 - $2.25 ea.; sold out!

[Image SZ Christmas Classic Sgl. Card #60299]

Jack Snowboarding Christmas Classic

"A Holiday Hi!"

"Wishing you fun-filled days!"

#CC60299 - $2.25 ea.

[Image SZ Christmas Classic Sgl. Card #60298]

DJ playing Sax Christmas Classic

"Wishing you..."

"... a cool Yule!"

#CC60298 - $2.25 ea.

[Image SZ Christmas Die-Cut Sgl. Card #60297]

Kirby in Santa Hat with Present Christmas Die-Cut

"Merry Christmas!"

"Wishing you the happiest New Year, too!"

#CC60297 - $2.85 ea.

[Image SZ Christmas Die-Cut Sgl. Card #60296]

Suzy Praying Christmas Die-Cut

"God bless us, every one!"

"A Christmas prayer for you!"

#CC60296 - $2.85 ea.; sold out!

[Image SZ Christmas Die-Cut Sgl. Card #60295]

Bear setting up Village Christmas Die-Cut

"Thinking of you and wishing you..."

"... a merry little Christmas!"

#CC60295 - $2.85 ea.

[Image SZ Christmas Classic Sgl. Card #60211]

Ollie Angel Christmas Classic


"Wishing you a Joyous Christmas!"

#CC60211 - $2.25 ea.; sold out!

[Image SZ Christmas Classic Sgl. Card #60210]

Christmas Polar Bear/Hawaiian style Christmas Classic

"Happy Holidays!"

"Wishing you lots of warmth and happiness!"

#CC60210 - $2.25 ea.

[Image SZ Christmas Classic Sgl. Card #60209]

Suzy with Gift Christmas Classic

"At Christmas time and always..."

"... your friendship is a gift I treasure!"

#CC60209 - $2.25 ea.

[Image Sz Christmas Die-Cut Sgl. Card #60208]

Emily's Ornaments Christmas Die-Cut

"Thinking of you this Christmas"

"... and wishing you a most Happy Holiday!"

#CC60208 - $2.85 ea.; sold out!

[Image SZ Christmas Die-Cut Sgl. Card #60207]

Woodland Winter Scene Christmas Die-Cut

"Wishing you..."

"... a very Merry Christmas!"

#CC60207 - $2.85 ea.

[Image Sz Christmas Die-Cut Sgl. Card #60206]

Hugo Santa Claus Christmas Die-Cut

"Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus says to wish you a very Merry Christmas!"

#CC60206 - $2.85 ea.; sold out!

[Image Woodland Friends Christmas Card #60109]

Woodland Friends Christmas Classic

"Merry Christmas!"


#CC60109 - $2.25 ea.; sold out!

[Image Willie Bear Christmas Card #60108 SZ]

Willie Bear Snow Christmas Classic

A Holiday "Hi!"

"Wishing you the bear-y merriest!"

#CC60108 - $2.25 ea.

[Image Suzy Family Christmas Card #60107 SZ]

Suzy Family Christmas Classic

"Cheerful holiday greetings from our home to yours!"

#CC60107 - $2.25 ea.

[Image Simone Cat Die-Cut Xmas Card #60106 SZ]

Kitten & Toys Christmas Die-Cut

"Wishing you..."

"...a warm and cozy Christmas!"

#CC60106 - $2.85 ea.

[Image Suzy & Wreath Die-Cut Xmas Card #60105 SZ]

Suzy with Wreath Christmas Die-Cut

"Merry ..."


#CC60105 - $2.85 ea.; sold out!

[Image Bear Drummer #60104 SZ Sgl. Greet. Card]

Willie Teddy Bear Drummer Christmas Die-Cut

"Rum pat-a-pum!"

"It bears repeating - Happy Holidays!"

#CC60104 - $2.85 ea.

[Image Mouse with Candy Cane Sgl. Xmas Card SZ]

Mouse with Stocking & Candy Cane Christmas Classic

"Merry Christmas!"

"Wishing you every Holiday delight!"

#CC60018 - $2.25 ea.; sold out!

[Image Moose & Racoon Card Xmas SZ]

Woodland Moose & Raccoon Christmas Classic

"Merry Christmas!"

"Wishing you Holiday Cheer!"

#CC60016 - $2.25 ea.

[Image Bear in Gift Die-Cut Card Xmas SZ]

Willie Bear in Gift Christmas Die-Cut

"Merry Christmas!"

"A special hug for a very special you!"

#CC60015 - $2.85 ea.

[Image Polar Bear Couple Die-Cut Card Xmas SZ]

Polar Bear Couple Mistletoe Christmas Die-Cut

"Merry Christmas!"

"...with love and hugs!"

#CC60014 - $2.85 ea.; sold out!

[Image Suzy Angel Die-Cut Xmas Card #60013 SZ]

Suzy Angel Christmas Die-Cut

"Merry Christmas!"

"... to a Special Christmas Angel!"

#CC60013 - $2.85 ea.

[Image Rory Hold 2 Trees Christmas Sgl. Card #8195 SZ]

Rory Holding 2 Trees Christmas Classic

"Bringing you every merry wish..."

"... for a Happy Holiday!"

#CC8195 - $2.25 ea.

[Image Bear in Sweater & Hat #8193 Christmas Sgl. Card SZ]

Bear in Sweater & Hat Christmas Classic

"Merry, Merry Christmas!"

"... and Happy, Happy New Year!"

#CC8193 - $2.25 ea.

[Image Marmot Family Reading #8192 Christmas Sgl. Card SZ]

Marmot Family Reading Christmas Classic

"Wishing you..."

"... Merry Christmas memories!"

#CC8192 - $2.25 ea.; sold out!

[Image Mouse & Holly Leaves #8191 Christmas Sgl. Card SZ]

Mouse with Holly Leaves Christmas Classic


"... Holly-days!"

#CC8191 - $2.25 ea.

[Image Suzy with Star & Tree #8190 Christmas Sgl. Card SZ]

Suzy with Star on Tree Christmas Classic

"May your Christmas..."

"... be merry and bright!"

#CC8190 - $2.25 ea.; sold out!

[Image Jack in Present #8189 Die-Cut Xmas Sgl. Card SZ]

Jack Inside Present Christmas Die-Cut

"Merry Christmas!"

"This card is stuffed with wishes for the merriest Christmas ever!"

#CC8189 - $2.85 ea.

[Image Christmas Tree Group Faces #8188 Die-Cut Card SZ]

Christmas Tree Group Faces Christmas Die-Cut

"Wishing you a Merry Christmas!"

"... with many happy smiles for the coming New Year!"

#CC8188 - $2.85 ea.

[Image Reindeer & Presents #8187 Xmas Sgl. Card SZ]

Reindeer with Presents Christmas Die-Cut

"Happy Holidays! Hope it's filled with joy!"

#CC8187 - $2.85 ea.

[Image Bear with Wreath #8185 Christmas Die-Cut Sgl. Card SZ]

Bear with Wreath Christmas Die-Cut

"Season's Greetings..."

"... and the happiest of wishes for the coming year!"

#CC8185 - $2.85 ea.

[Image Bears thru Window #8184 Christmas Die-Cut Sgl. Card SZ]

Bears thru Window Christmas Die-Cut

"Many special wishes for a happy Holiday Season!"

#CC8184 - $2.85 ea.

[Image Woodland Friends Xmas #8181 Sgl. Card Die-Cut SZ]

Woodland Friends Christmas Die-Cut

"A Holiday Hello-"

"-with every good wish for a Season of joy!"

#CC8181 - $2.85 ea.

[Image Dancing Cats #8180 Die-Cut Christmas Sgl. Card SZ]

Dancing Cats Christmas Die-Cut

"Wishing you a very..."

"Meowy Christmas!"

#CC8180 - $2.85 ea.

[Image Snow Couple Skating #8177 Die-Cut Xmas Sgl. Card SZ]

Snow Couple Skating Christmas Die-Cut

"Happiest Wishes..."

"... for the merriest of Holidays!"

#CC8177 - $2.85 ea.; sold out!

[Image Animals Looking in Window #8176 Die-Cut Xmas Card SZ]

Animals looking thru Window Christmas Die-Cut

"Merry Christmas!"

"Wishing you everything wonderful!"

#CC8176 - $2.85 ea.

[Image SZ Suzy Cookies Santa DieCut Card #8161]

Suzy Cookies for Santa Christmas Die-Cut

"Merry Christmas to a sweet Girl_"

"- with lots of love inside!"

#CC8161 - $2.85 ea.; sold out!

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